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Abierto plazo inscripciones Conferencia EUDEC 2013 en Holanda, bajo el lema «NOSOTROS CREAMOS EL FUTURO»

22 febrero 2013

Os dejo toda la información relativa a la Conferencia de EUDEC de 2013, a celebrar en Holanda entre el 27 de julio y el 3 de agosto, el programa tiene un aspecto impresionante. Está en Inglés porque asumo que cualquiera que tenga interés en acudir, se defiende en este idioma. Más información aquí 


EUDEC 2013 General Meeting and Conference in The Netherlands



EUDEC 2013 Conference – Registration is now open! Hi members of EUDEC,

The registration page for the EUDEC2013 conference is available for you to register for this great yearly event. Like last year, we plan to do a lot of interactive workshops and have fun together. There will be entertainment, and there will be serious meetings like the AGM (annual general meeting). Excursions will also be organized. The venue is De Ruimte Democratic School in Soest. Soest is in the centre of the Netherlands, not far from cities like Utrecht, Amersfoort or Hilversum. Daytrips are possible to any other big city if you wish to combine your visit with holidays.

The conference group has organized inexpensive accommodation. At the venue camping for up to 100-150 people can be organized. Here we also offer the option of sleeping in hired tents (up to 10 persons per tent). Another option is to stay in a squatted house, or to camp at an organic farm. Only a few places can be arranged sleeping with families. Prices and

choices are shown on the registration form. These sleeping facilities are on a first come, first serve basis.

Our theme this year: We Create The Future! And surely we will do that by interacting as much as possible between different people from many different countries. We all will form the spark that ignites larger groups of people all over Europe to think differently about education.

Be sure to register soon, because an Early Bird discount of 10% is now available till the 1st of April.

Questions? Write us at:

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