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Some lessons and a brief report of the visit of David and Lynette Gribble to Pamplona

7 mayo 2010

Lesson 1: Humility

Lesson 2: Simplicity

Lesson 3: Proximity

Lesson 4: Generosity

Lesson 5: Enthusiasm

Lesson 6: Wisdom

Lesson 7: Unconditional trust in children

David Gribble‘s visit To Pamplona was organised by the Tximeleta Association for Innovation in Education in collaboration with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Public University of Navarre. David and his wife, Lynette arrived on the 21st April by ferry, which after last minute logistics they managed to get tickets, given the suspension of flights due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland.

On the 22 April, David offered a conference at the public university for students undertaking a degree in Primary Education. Through examples and anecdotes on the variety of schools he had visited around the world, David illustrated that children can be given the possibility to decide what, how and when they want to learn, and can participate directly in the daily decisions of their schools. There were some questions, and in line with the comments made, the talk aroused great interest in the students who concluded the conference with a grand ovation. As a consequence an opening has been made within the syllabus to include a similar class within the subject of Educational Institutions.

David and Lynette also had the opportunity to visit Tximeleta during the morning of the 23 April where they shared a pleasant time with the children.

During the weekend (24 – 25 April), David carried out a workshop in the Nicholas d´Oresme hall in the Public University of Navarre with the invaluable aid of Lynette.

More than 50 participants from conventional schooling and from free schools all around Spain attended the workshop entitled: » Free Schools: Utopia and reality in daily practice David introduced group work and active participation, reflection and debate on various aspects related to the different modes of approaching learning and children participation in the decisions within their schools. He narrated a variety of anecdotes and gave numerous examples of decisions taken on various issues in different schools around the world. It was especially interesting to hear first hand the anecdotes from Sands School of which he is a co-founder. Finally he referred to issues regarding the movement for Democratic Education of which he is an active member, and which Tximeleta, as a member of the EUDEC, is promoting within the country. The workshop served as a platform to establish relations among the participants and addressed the possibility of fomenting new initiatives in this field. On Saturday all participants enjoyed a luncheon together where they discussed their backgrounds and opinions.

The Tximeleta Association expressed its gratitude for the effort, enthusiasm and dedication on the part of David and Lynette during their visit.

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